Features and Featured!

Firstly, Constellation Cafe has been featured as the Blog of the month on Viewfinder Photography Gallery.

Woohoo for this!

I’m going to be launching a small contest / a special feature soon cause its time to do something new! But this is whats coming your way this Saturday. I had a long good conversation with my friend photography Max Pinckers and so I have a great interview with him, discussing projects, research and how to approach them.

Also let me introduce you to some great blogs I found very recently :

  1. Still Searching : This blog aims to be a continually growing and developing Internet discourse on the medium of photography that features a multitude of participants. A great blog to read some really amazing people write about the philosophy of photography and the medium.
  2. Camera Crypt : Quite a basic blog which can answer most beginner questions about buying a old camera or working with second hand old equipment.
  3. British Journal Of Photography : Great website to keep yourself updated about whats happening around you in photography. Not like one of the magazines which you pick up and find nothing but lame reviews and mindless enthusiasts snapshots.

2 thoughts on “Features and Featured!

  1. The Afghan box cameras are fascinating.. I liked the pics from Polaroid Macro 5 on blog cameracrypt.com..

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