Constellation Cafe Books : Helmut Neuton – Privacy & Photofile

Helmut Neuton could make any woman look desirable. Blunt, bold but never vulgar, his work is the epitome of sexuality and style. Hardcore, not just superficial, his work is just brilliant unlike any other photographer. Where Avedon commands the world of portraits, Neuton owns nudes.

Here are some pictures from the two books I got my hands on, Privacy & Photofile (which is basically a portfolio book)
Seduction and elegance is in every picture by Helmut Neuton. In one of his interviews he says that he loves to create stories inspired from real life. And what stories does he make!
Helmut rarely photographed men. Most characters in his shoots are played by women, full of pride, style and glamor.
One of my favorite pictures from Helmut’s book. It also is the cover of his portfolio book. The elegance and the attitude of the woman in the suit shines so much that you almost ignore the nude girl besides her. Just proves that there is genius in Helmut’s simplicity.
Helmut makes a picture erotic even without showing skin. Your mind races and picks up on the small details, flushing you as you look more and more. Often criticized about his work with nudes, Helmut makes sure that its not him who drives the photographs but the models themselves. They said that when he would walk into a party and most of the women there would come up to him and ask him to photograph them naked. Because they truly believed that he knew how to show her most sensual side.
You’ll find much of the work featured in the books here is shared from the same contact sheet. Helmut liked to do that, he would go back to the contact sheet and pick different images according to his mood at that time. For example, these two images belong to the same shoot but are presented in different books in different years of publishing. If you watch the documentary made by his wife on his work OR Magnum’s contact sheet documentary, you’ll be able to see the entire contact sheet by him of the same shoot.
Snapshot from Magnum’s Contact Sheet DVD

Its rare to see such elegance fused with so much sexual energy into photographs. Most people can’t handle it, their work turns either vague or vulgar. But Helmut Neuton made sure that every picture from his camera is a masterpiece induced with sensuality, fragility and hidden desire. A definite addition to your photobook collection, you have to get yourself one of these books.


2 thoughts on “Constellation Cafe Books : Helmut Neuton – Privacy & Photofile

  1. Helmut Newton photographed David Lynch & Isabella Rossellini beautifully, he also photographed David Bowie (who I am listening to right now). Hence he is awesome.

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