Constellation Cafe Books : Araki

Last I went to Hongkong, I took along a small book of photographs by Raghu Rai, as a gift for my friend. In an effort to tell me about photographers of that region, my friend introduced me to Nobuyoshi Araki or simply known as Araki. A prolific Japanese photographer, Araki’s work extends from portraits to street photographs to nudes. Facinated, I got myself a small book by Araki, which I’m going to write about.

Bought from Hongkong, the beautiful paper back is 165 pages of mostly black and white photographs
Araki photographs A LOT! The Genius Of Photography (documentary series) says "There are about a 100 million people in Japan and Araki must have photographed most of them"
There is nothing that he won't photograph. His very existence is marked by the pictures he takes. His work can be thought of as art created through life, absorbing everything and producing a image for every action.
Even in his obsession to shoot so much and create so much content, Araki never fails to show how even in that one moment he is able to understand, refine and distill his content with beauty and profoundess.
A large part of the book is female nudes. Delicate as well as bold, its amazing to see how he handles the both with such ease
My favorite picture from the book is a extract from his series called "Sentimental Journey", which is a monograph of his life with his wife. This book had launched Araki into the world art circuit.

Araki is a man who deals with life and filters it with his own being. Sentimental, instinctive and curious, his work is what every photographer wants to find inside of him. A great addition to your library, I’d recommend this book any day.


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