The Disappearing Act : Scene II

Some time ago I posted some images from my recent experimental shoot. I thought I should also show you what the finals look like. I showed these pictures to a friend who said that she needed to know the context and the theme to understand these images. But then I believe that the very visual appearance should be able to propel the emotions from me to the viewer (not the supporting text), hence I shall present them to you, in a way open for interpretation.

Charles Blanc, “Le Cabinet de M.Thiers,” Gazette des Beaux-Arts, 1st ser, 12(1862):304-305:

“Il y a, parmi les trésors de l’art et de la curiosité, des richesses qu’il faut avoir toujours sous les yeux pour entretenir le feu sacré dans son âme… Mais il est des choses qu’il importe de ne pas voir à touteheure, de matin au soir, parce qu’on finirait par se blaser sur le plaisir qu’elles font. Une collection de dessins et d’estampes est mieux placèe, par example dans des portefeuilles que sous verre.”

“There are, among the treasures of art and curiosities, riches that one must always have visible to keep the sacred fire going on one’s soul… But there are things that it is important not to see at every moment, from morning till evening, because one will finish by becoming indifferent to the pleasures they give.”

Opening Act

Closing Act

Models : Riya Niar & Panchami Gharavi. Clothes by Wendell Rodricks. Co-ordination & Assistance by Anushree Gavas.

All photographs shot on black & white film. Final pigment prints on 12″ x 12″ 300 GSM matt gallery paper.


12 thoughts on “The Disappearing Act : Scene II

  1. You have done a fantastic job for the clothes and the series gel well with the quote. My one personal favorite is no.4.

  2. Beautiful artwork as usual. Just a little comment on the French text: The fire is sacred not scared (a typo of course) and the meaning of the last sentence is (if I am not mistaken – my French is a bit rusty): “A collection of drawings or prints are for instance better placed in a wallet than under glass.”


  3. nice series with a good rhythm between the photos… i’d say that it works well with and without the text (i prefer it without personally). the photos are great …especially the moving legs…

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  5. WOW this are wonderful Aky!
    I love coming to your blog or flickr site because I know I will find excellent work that is both visually appealing and of substance.

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