Jaipur Literature Festival : Walking through the crowds to the bookshop

Jaipur Literature fest was all that it promised to be and more! But don’t get all excited, there were too many problems along with all the fun there was. The good part was that there were interesting authors, some great discussions and great crowd. The bookshop was well stocked and a lot more publishers came with respect to last time. The bad part was that there were too many people attending, so many that one the day of Oprah’s discussion, the entry was shut down for hours leaving us stranded outside. And even inside, it was impossible to attend more than 2 discussions, as there was no way you can attend a talk unless you came in 15 to 20 mins earlier. There were no lovely conversations with authors like the last time, no portraits.

Here are some snips from the festival, which was great but not as awesome as last time.

A cropped vision - the JLF this time was really REALLY crowded. No place even to walk around or sit or have a conversation.
Welcome to Diggi Palace, with a lot of people and lots of security but quite some interesting authors
Walk along now : This time also saw a lot more increase in security, mostly because of Oprah and Rushdie
And then there were other issues : The entry was shut down for a couple of hours because of the surge of crowd for Oprah
And even if you did get in, you'd not really see anything easily..
So you stand outside and drink a cup of tea, waiting for a new session to start so you can get in early..
And another one because its a long line to get in..
But there were some amazing sessions, this one was one with African authors, was funny, witty and really really fun.
Making Notes
And some more..
And some more...
What others were looking at and making notes of.. (beautiful discussion on Biographies of Stalin, Bose, Obama and Aung San Suu Kyi)
What I was looking at.. (beautiful too, in another way)
Well there were questions, some great, some seriously stupid.. There was one lady who actually was releasing a book about her loosing 43 kgs, seems she was quite popular (weird!)
But there were some really sharp people too!
Which discussion to attend? Well there was a super big chart for you to carry around, we stole 2 of those because we lost ours.
Puneet & Me, at the 1135 AD Bar after waiting for a day for a seat
And met Neethi there for the first time, a amazing graphic and textile designer from Kerela
The cameras attracted some attention on our table, me likes showing off (a little yesh)
And some things caught my attention..
But one of the most fun (and money sucking) parts of the fest was the bookshop! If you're wondering who is on that black and white book, its Anupam Kher's new book (self help, bah)
Blue Books! No, didn't buy those, my bill as such ran to 100$ of just books 😦
So much seduction!! Must resist buying more books!
A few more from the festival..
We did manage to sit in the front for some sessions..
Everyday after the fest, we went off to a cafe nearby, to read what we bought and discuss what the authors had said..
And we fought about bookmarks and coffee.. (seems someone in the group took my bookmarks!!)
And then there were random jokes...
Some sketches to kill time and use new moleskines
Unfortunately my Hasselblad didn't even see one single shot on this trip because of the crowd.
But in the end a great time with friends..

8 thoughts on “Jaipur Literature Festival : Walking through the crowds to the bookshop

  1. Thank you for a virtual tour of the JLF yet again! The gentleman with the pipe looks very dapper. And the man with a beard very arresting. You have an eye for the unusual in the usual. And time stops when you focus your camera. Beautiful beautiful pictures, Akshay.

  2. great pictures/ glad i finally found them/and the one you took of me too/ hope you will be taking more again in january/ i will be there again/

    1. Hey Alan! Which one of this is yours? And hopefully would be there this time too. One thing which became a problem this time was the whole intense amount of crowd, no space to shoot 😦

      1. i’m the one with big old grey beard[ no pipe]/Antima from people tree told me of the picture but i only just found her message on facebook/ thus the months long delay/

        crowds yes but i didn’t find them too daunting nor off putting/ still awaiting to hear who will be there speaking this year–find me again but this time say hello / look forward to meeting you/

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