Constellation Cafe Books : Mary Ellen Mark

I had been contemplating on getting a book by Mary Ellen Mark for such a long time, ever since I saw her work at a friends place. And finally its here!

Mary Ellen Mark : Phaidon Books

The legendary photographer, Mary (currently with Magnum) is known for her amazing portraiture and photojournalistic style of documentary work. Her work ranges from documenting behind the scenes cinema to circus & street performers around the world. And when I’m talking about her body of work, I can’t help but highlighting her brilliant photo study with prostitutes of Bombay. Haunting images of women, baring their souls to Mary, just shows how she is able to make a place for her self in people’s heart, not just as a photographer but as a fellow human being.

From Mary's series "Falkland Road : The girl being made-up was brought to the brothel by villagers when her husband deserted her."
From Mary's portrait work in Varanasi
Circus Performers : Boy with his pet cockatoo
Kumar Lakshyaraj Singh Mewar, Udaipur For Life Magazine

Mary’s work resonates with humility and passion, you can feel it though every single picture in this book. The book is hardbound and the pictures are printed beautifully with a lovely tonality (specially for color images). A great addition to my book collection! Unfortunately, this book makes me sad too, now I’m really restless to get her complete works from “Falkland Road: Prostitutes Of Bombay” and its soo expensive (sigh).

And for all those who were wondering why did I put that record in the opening picture, its because I wanted to add these pictures in the end and show off my new record, a first release of Meena Kumari’s Pakeezah.

Latest Addiction
This little chap from Nivico has a built in speaker so no attaching wires
The main reason to get this record was the cover picture, its fantastic!
And if you're looking through Mary's work, this is a perfect record to play, with the stories of Falkland and Pakeezah almost fusing in themes and mood.

3 thoughts on “Constellation Cafe Books : Mary Ellen Mark

  1. Wow! Such beautiful feel. I simply love the covers (that of LP as well as the book’s). Dude, Phaidon could pay you for this.
    P.S. There’s an enigma in the way of your presentation, I love!
    Lucky Bastard (for ze LP and ze umpteen books)!

  2. The cover of the Pakeezah LP is truly stunning. And the record player’s picture takes me back to another era. Mark’s work seems compelling. I must go and read up asap.

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