Kodak & Our Films!

If you didn’t notice till now, this is BIG NEWS. Kodak seems to be facing issues and there is a possibility of loosing one of the biggest companies in the photographic world to bankruptcy. Its all over the internet and its scaring me now. So if you had a dream camera you always wanted to shoot with or a dream film, it would probably be a good idea to go shoot with it now!

Not really much to say in this post, I’m sad 😦 Just when I was falling in love with Tmax.

Kodak Tmax 100 / Hasselblad 500c / Jaipur Dec 2011



6 thoughts on “Kodak & Our Films!

    1. Sebastian, ilford is no more available in India and the last I came to know was that they are no more making BW films. So that leaves us with Kodak & Fuji ONLY!

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