Goodbye Dear Friend

About a year ago one of my dear friends had asked me to buy her a TLR. I did buy her a TLR but it never reached her, mostly because I fell in love with it and she too felt that whole emotion overflowing from me. And now that the camera is finally going to her, I feel sad and terrible, like I’m leaving behind a lover on a rainy day, in a taxi which is too cold for comfort, heading for the airport.

The lovely and brave Yashica D

Last night over drinks, two friends & I had a intense discussion on the gap between shooting and getting a pleasing picture or getting the pleasing picture in your mind even before you’ve picked up the camera. To start seeing what you need in your mind and getting it out of a camera needs a strong understanding of how the camera will behave. I’d say that one takes usually about six months to really understand that and start seeing what it would shoot in your head without which your pictures are basically dependent on factors which are out of your control. With the Yashica, I felt that I knew when it was to be used and when it would not be able to create what I need, which is a great feeling, makes everything clear, sharp and very efficient.

Dasvidaniya my friend

And just so you know what I had been doing with the D for a whole year..

From left top : Panchmi Taxi (Bombay), Boys of Chittorgarh (Jaipur), Twilight Whites (Goa), Sonal Partha (Goa), The Poet (Jaipur), Gurudwara Sheeshganj (Delhi), Yashica D (Delhi), Reflections (Bombay), Townside (Bombay), Ballerina (Delhi), Trees (Delhi), Yamaha 2 Stroke (Jaipur), Sea Cadets (Bombay)

Goodbye Yashica D, I shall miss you. 😥

15 thoughts on “Goodbye Dear Friend

  1. beautiful pictures AB…!!!…brilliant work..!!…
    this is a coincidence…!!!..:)….I am attempting to lay my hands on similar piece here in Goa..a senior work associate of mine wants to sell…i have checked it out..and its in pristine condition…how much would be a good price to settle it at?…the seller is not sure of a price as I would like to a make him a offer..hence my query..:)..thanks..

    1. Jim, I got this one for about 4,500 Rs. If its in perfect condition along with its leather case and lens cap, I would be ok paying for about 6,000 ~ 7,000 (max). The camera is lovely but above that you can get your hands on a Mamiya C330 for about 10,000. Above that, starts off rolliecord for about 15,000 and at 20,000 makes way for a Rollieflex.

  2. thanks AB…thats very good always…..
    …the person has a Yashica Electra fairly good am now thinking of a lumpsum figure of 10,000 for both cameras as an offer…
    a mamiya C330 for 10,000 would be superb..!…
    Thanks to your previous tip, my dad’s Rolleicord has been serviced at Mini Photo and is back with me…
    …and i am now trying out a roll in it these days..they did a bang-up job..!!..
    ……lets see how it works out…:)…

  3. I would certainly share your referral of Mini Photo to all those who need to get any old camera serviced and operational…their costs are very reasonable and they do a splendid job…and very efficient in their workings and dealings..

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