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I have a lot of old cameras. From the street, ebay, donations from relatives etc. And they are not always in the best shape. So I’ve located three amazing repair people in Delhi, Bombay & Calcutta. This post is about the repair place in Mumbai. I will be writing about the place in Delhi & Calcutta soon.

I was having some issues with my Hasselblad when it just arrived from KEH. It was suppose to be CLA’ed and all but something was off and all pictures were out of focus. Seems there was a callibration issue. So I took the camera to Mini Photo, a place I had found some time ago in Bohra Baazar (Fort area, will give directions in the end). And voila, camera perfectly repaired.

Mini Photo has been there for quite some time now, about 20 to 25 years (I don’t really know the exact age) and its got great experience in handling exotic cameras. Since I have found it, I’ve got everything from old 1935 Leica’s, 1969 Hasselblads to 1980 Kiev’s repaired from this chap. The team there is efficient and quite cheap. A service which would cost you about 100$ in US or Europe, would be about 10$ in Mini.

Directions : Head out in a Taxi or Train to VT. From there, take a right towards Standard Supply. Ask anyone about Bohra Baazar, its the street which leads on straight inside, adjacent to Standard Supply. Keep walking straight inside for about 800mts till you hit a Mother Dairy on the right side. Bang opposite to this is “Sultan Manzil”. First floor, on the left is Mini Photo.

Contact Details : 022-66315270

Work Timings : 11 to 6 on weekdays. On Saturday its 11 to 4. Sunday Closed.


24 thoughts on “Camera Repair & More

  1. I just gave my Yashica Electro 35 at some random small camera repair shop in Mumbai recommend by a friend of my father, for installing new light seals. They didn’t seem to have much experience with older cameras.
    I came across this blog post and now I wish I had given it for repair here instead!

  2. I really need a place to spruce up my Hasselblaad in Delhi. Did you post the article on that ‘special’ location in Delhi.. thanks, Glenn

    1. Glenn,
      There is a place in Delhi but its not as good as the Bombay shop. Its called Pritam Photo Repair in Old Delhi (Chandni Chowk). Give me your email address and I’ll mail you the details like phone number etc.

  3. hey Akshay

    Great blog! Am actually going to be in BBAY in a couple of weeks time and thought this would be a good time to CLA my Leica M3. Any idea if they do a good job with the Leicas?
    P.S. Where can I get B&W film there? Also I’ve been reading your book notes- any of the second hand book shops in Bbay that deal with photo books?
    Many thanks!


    1. Bob, Mini did a great job, he actually cleared the viewfinder and its gone up about 60% in brightness, brilliant job. And super cheap, he charged me only 2,000 (40$) for the CLA. The same thing in Europe / US would cost about 400$.

      And about BW films, there are places in Bombay, specifically Standard supply and Nikhil enterprise but I don’t know what are they stocking right now. Please know that the prices here are super high because of the monopoly of these sellers. I’d recommend that if you have someone coming down from abroad, please get film imported, much cheaper. But if you don’t have any option, just call these people and ask what all do they have in stock.

      About the second hand books. Well you’ll get photo books but they are rare. The only second hand books I’ve found are Salgado’s workers, Raghu Rai (in calcutta) and one Bresson. Good photo books don’t make it out on the street.

      1. Hi Abhay,
        Standard Supply always seems to jack up the prices randomly (on film and developing). He once charged me 250 for a roll, and then quoted 450. for a roll of Ilford BW Pan 100. Nikhil Enterprise, (last i checked, 3 weeks ago) had a shipment of Velvia Slide 35mm. Priced at 500, seemed quite reasonable. Ajeet from idea said that e6 chem are hard to come by these days. 😦 Many of the smaller shops do seem to have some old stock of film still left though. I bought 3 rolls of ORWO NP22, expired June-July 2002 from one guy for 70 bucks a roll. Wasnt in good condition though. Dont think it was stored properly, but then again, depends on your luck i guess.
        I think ill visit Mini in a week or two. Have to get my Hi-matic Serviced 🙂
        Awesome Blog BTW, If you want to try out a roll of Rollei CR200 for your Film Pharmacist Section , Gimme a ping, ill mail it to you. 🙂

      2. Yes Standard Supply man uses his monopoly to extract money, its the same with Madanjee in New Delhi.
        Do send me the Rollie CR200 review if you can, would be great to add it to the collection.
        And again, the same question which I asked Bob, who’s Abhay??

      3. Im so sorry. I Kept reading your name tag as Abhoan and it sort of stuck. >.< I did shoot a roll or Rollei CR200, But sort of with a Half Frame camera. I paid a visit to Mini. They asked me how i found out about them. And i mentioned your Blog. They remember you! Ill Send You a review soon. 🙂 The new Front page looks good.

      4. Hey Abhay

        I completely missed seeing your reply! Thanks for the positive recco on mini- am headed there today to get the Leica CLAd. I’m in Bbay only for a couple of weeks- came in from Hyd to attend a photo workshop- and hopefully they can be done this quickly.
        Will check yours and Daniel’s reccos on film too.

  4. I’m aware that this post is very old. I just wanted to know if there are any reliable hasselblad technicians in Delhi other than Pritam. I just need my film backs lubricated and serviced.


  5. Hey Abhoan,
    I am presently in Delhi and need a place to repair my canon av1. You have hinted at a place in Delhi that does repairs on old cameras. Could you forward me the details?

    1. Hi Pritam,

      Actually there is a chap called Pritam Photo (I think, silly thats its the same name!!) but its bang in the middle of the camera market in Chandni Chowk. My best recommendation would be to email Ankit Goel on “” as he lives in Delhi and would be able to help you better.

  6. Hello Akshay Bhoan,

    Thank you for this great resource. My Xpan lenses needed CLA and just came across your post via Google Search. Thank you so much for taking the time to write this down.



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