Constellation Cafe Books : The Last Day Of Summer

Thanks to Moushumi (who runs this fantastic blog with notes on books she reads and pictures she takes : South West Sun) I now have a brand new section on Constellation Cafe, dedicated to books. And as we’re photographers after all, I’m sure you’ll love these books, maybe find something you like and get yourself a copy.

Today I’m going to introduce you to one of my new favorites, The Last Day Of Summer by Jock Struges.

The book is not hardbound but the print quality is spectacular!

As a book its quite big but it doesn’t come across as a book but more as a magazine. Softbound and relatively thin, the entire book consists of only black and white images. Jock has a strong inclination towards attention to detail and form which is quite visible in the consistent language used throughout the book.

Jock explores the most intimate and primal form in his work, evolving like a poem

The printing of the book is magnificent and the paper just perfect. The size might seem a little large here when I’m showing the book online but as all of the images are shot on a large format camera, the prints really come alive at this size.

The images are black and white, beautifully printed (sorry seem a little sepia here because of my yellow cutrains)
If you’re looking for this book, its printed by Aperture Foundation

His work has been the subject of controversy. Much of his work features Californian Misty Dawn, whom he shot from when she was a young child until in her twenties. In 1990, his San Francisco studio was raided by FBI officers and his equipment seized. A Grand Jury subsequently declined to bring an indictment against him.

Struges explores a space which lies somewhere at the intersection of fantasy and reality. What starts at perfect technique and visual exploration goes far beyond to explore something much more intimate and sensitive. In my opinion, this is a great book to add to your collection.

In case you’re interested, Vimeo has a documentary about him creating this work. Its really interesting to see how he goes about creating these images and the philosophy behind them.

Trailer: LINE OF BEAUTY AND GRACE Documentary about Jock Sturges from Christian Klinger on Vimeo.


3 thoughts on “Constellation Cafe Books : The Last Day Of Summer

  1. The books sounds really interesting! It reminds me a lot of Lewis Carroll’s (Charles Dodgson) photographs. Their stories also appear similar. And thanks for the link and compliment! 😀

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