A Trip Off Course

On the last weekend I went off to Chamba, a remote small town in the mountains of North West India. There wasn’t much to shoot as I got only a day. Nothing quite cinematic so thought will just make a small blog post with images from the mountains.

Sadly, no film pictures from the place, one of my cameras (the huge MF Kiev) got stuck and the 35mm had BW film which just didn’t work for me there.

The Road Up The Mountains : The view is great but the actual road is TERRIBLE
First Glimpses
And the town below
Woods behind the cottage
Dad, who's now decided that a P&S will not do for him (so he highjacks my 1000D)
Spider Webs
I think that is where our cottage is suppose to come up, IF it works out.
Cherry Blossom Near The Main Town
Golden Hour Begins
For those who were wondering, who is that chap in the picture above, its my Ma dressed as a mountaineering expert =)
Shawn The Sheep As Anushree Calls this one
The Shepard
And the only portrait from the trip, a little off balance =(
Leading to sunset
The Valley - Silent
Smokes For The Night
And Before I say Good Night

The trip was good but then it was bad (really bad) in some ways. I missed on a really nice shoot as I was stuck there (sigh) and then the traffic was killer due to the new F1 track on the way.

Anyhow, keep a lookout for the below in the coming week (really excited for this)

Interview with Grafitti Artist : C215 / Christian Guémy

6 thoughts on “A Trip Off Course

  1. Lovely pictures. I especially like the Cherry Blossom, spider web, golden hour ones. And the photos of your parents, and the portrait.

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