The Film Pharmacist : Kodak Portra 400NC

Catalog Number : 015
Reviewed By : Akshay Bhoan, ME!
Film Name : Kodak Portra 400NC
Format : 120 / 135 / Instant : 120 / 135
Speed (ISO) : 400
Color / Slide / BW : Color
Processing (C41 / E6 / BW) : C41
Color Exaggeration (R/G/B) : Mild Reds
Availability (In Production / Back Stock / Discontinued) : Discontinued
Contrast : Medium
Uniformity (High, Mid, Low) : High
Personal Comments : Portra NC is one of the best color films you might ever get to use. NC stands for Natural Color and the colors are really natural. Its rare nowadays as the film has been discontinued (the NC & VC version of the film have been merged now to create a new film called just Portra) But you can still get your hands on the back stock online. Trust me, it will be one of the best color films you’ll ever use.

Samples :


4 thoughts on “The Film Pharmacist : Kodak Portra 400NC

  1. I bought ten rolls of this film two years ago, most exposed through a Holga and one with a Diana Pinhole. Which camera/s did you shoot it with? I have one last roll left. I loved the Holga and Pinhole shots, but I hope I can shoot it with “proper” medium format cameras!

  2. Yoj, would you believe it that I actually started with just a single roll of Portra and these are all from that single roll. All from Yashica D with a handheld Gossen light meter

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