CC Conversations : Andreas Kaiser

Dark, intense yet personal, these words may somehow describe his work in terms of the look. But as you look through more and more of his pictures, you’re drawn into the fragility of each moment. Its amazing how he picks to show the world in contrasting yet inherently singular images, carefully looking into his own life and creating work as if putting together a line of a poem with each picture.

I present to you tonight, Andreas Kaiser

Q. Andreas, tell us a little about yourself.

A. I’m born in 1974 in a small town in southwest Germany. I grew up with my mentally handicapped uncle. Today my job is social work with mentally handicapped people. I’m married and have two daughters. Sometimes I play guitar or bass and I’m taking photographs. I’m autodidact.  I love my family and my dog.

Q. How did you get started with photography?

A. With the birth of my oldest daughter I started taking photographs. I started digital but then I met an experienced film photographer on the internet who infects me with analogue photography. Since 2004 I’m working only with film and mostly mechanical cameras.

Q. Why black and white?

Just because I don’t see colours. But I’m going to learn it.

Q. Where you shoot in a very harsh, sharp, high contrast black and white, your content is always extremely delicate and emotional, mostly from your private life. From where does this variation and viewpoint come?

My work is autobiographical and intuitive. I try to investigate the force and meaning of the photographed image and my personal connection to people, places and my surroundings. I see my work as a search for my own view on life.

Q. Why film?

Because I needed the whole process from developing negatives and doing prints. It was kind of a meditation for me.

Q. What or who inspires you?

The point of view on life from other people I like. Music that touches my heart and soul or just a good photobook.

Q. Are you currently working on any projects?

Not really, I’m just doing my autobiographical and intuitive stuff. I don’t really have the time for projects which I would found interesting.

Q. What are your further plans with photography?

I discovered photography very late. I wish I had discovered it before my studies of social work. Maybe I would  work as a photographer today. So I have my job, my children, my house and family but not much time for my passion. A few weeks ago I decided to buy a full frame digital camera  just to safe time.  And I want to learn to see colours.  So if there’s anybody out there who can teach me I would appreciate!  The last picture you see here is a first try.

Q. Any one tip of other amateur photographers out there?

Keep your mind open and just do it!

Thanks Kaiser for taking the time to speak to Constellation Cafe. If you’d like to see more of Kaiser’s work, its on his flickr page here.

3 thoughts on “CC Conversations : Andreas Kaiser

  1. This interview is something I find my connect with. I really like that his pictures are for him and nothing else.
    Brilliant Akshay….I am happy that you find such brilliant people for your blog readers, so a big thank you.

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