CC Conversations : Penny Felts

She’s has the ability of instantaneously transporting  you to another world. The world of dreams, the world of bare soulful images and thoughts of love frozen in time. Look at her work and you see drama, sexuality and composure. But those who look deeper see a whole another world flowing with emotions and subtle poems from her own being. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you, the lovely, Penny Felts :

Q. Penny, what got you introduced to photography?

A. My mother always had cameras. She was constantly snapping photos during my childhood. She took photos of everything. She was what I would call a documentary snap shot-ist. She rarely tried to take an artistic photo, she just wanted to keep the memory of what ever ‘event’ there was at the time. My father was in the Navy and every time he would go anywhere ‘over seas’ he would bring her back a camera or two. I was fascinated by them. She gave me cameras as I was growing up. When I was in the 7th grade I took my first dark room class and have been hooked ever since. (I still have many of my mothers cherished, old cameras)

Q. Your work is almost 100% shot on instant film, is there a specific reason for it?

A. The simple answer is that instant film works best for the images that I see in my mind before I shoot. I love the softness, the dreamy colors, and the unknown factors of it, the imperfections. I am a bad digital photographer. I love film, but I am too impatient most of the time to wait for it to be developed.

Q. I noticed that you don’t stick to any specific topic but your work is more of glimpses from your mind and your life. How do you perceive the place of photography in your life?

A. Photography is the therapy that works best for me. I can put any emotion that I am having on film. At this point the cost of the film compared to the cost of a psychiatrist is still probably a little less, and shooting is a lot more fun than laying on a couch.

Q. Who or what inspires you?

A. I’m inspired daily by the photographers that I see on flickr and other websites. There are too many famous photographers and painters to list. My boyfriend is an amazing photographer who teaches and inspires me the most these days.

Q. There is a feeling of timelessness in most of your still life shots. This merged with the softness of film its almost like being suspended in a dream. Do you think these are messages you produce for others to see and evoke feelings or are they bits and pieces of your own self printed in chemicals?

A. I strive for both of those statements to be true. My photography is mostly feelings that I have that I want to share. I often come up with ideas while meditating or dreaming. Your mind is most free to roam during those times and it’s fun to try to understand the message that you are trying to tell yourself.

Q. Are there any projects you’re working on currently?

A. The only ‘project’ that I have going on is my silly little weekly Polaroid diary that I started last year, and loved doing so much that I decided to continue with it this year. There are a couple of reasons for this. First, it helped me to remember little things that happened through out the year that I may not have remembered, so I feel that appreciated little moments longer these days. Secondly, it pushes me to try to be creative every week, which is something that I need to do for myself.

Q. Any tips for photographers out there?

A. Learn about the magic of light. Find the medium that works best for your style, and shoot everyday.

If you liked penny’s work and would like to view more of it, do visit her Flickr Page

2 thoughts on “CC Conversations : Penny Felts

  1. Penny’s work is absolutely awesome. I was looking through her flickr stream today….and her pictures evoke such strong emotion….for me personally emotion of love. beautiful work and equally beautiful interview. kudos Akshay!!

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