Multiple Cameras : Blessing Or Curse

Ok, that is a lame heading but its a really serious issue. Specially with people like me who suffer from Gimme-more-camer-o-mania. This basically means that I (and so many people I know) suffer from the habit of buying cameras even if they are only used about 2-3 times a year. So what happens to me when I’m out in the store? Here are true instances which have happened with me and every camera which I own.

Early self portrait from my Sony P200 Point & Shoot

Story of The First Canon

Behind the stage with the Canon 1000D

After about one and half year of wining in front of my parents, I was granted my biggest wish, a Canon 1000D. I didn’t have enough to pay for all of it so I paid half and my parents paid half. It was the best thing which could happen to anyone. The pictures were a lot better than my Sony P200 point and shoot. The control was fantastic and the sharpness, oh the sweet sharpness. I didn’t know how I had lived my life without a DSLR till this time. My life was complete, the 18-55 was the worlds best focal length and nothing could be better. People were envious of my camera, everyone said, “oh you have a SLR, professional!”.

I didn’t know what was to happen next, I thought my life was complete.

Then came the Fifty

The Nifty Fifty

I shoot portraits, how could I have not seen the pictures by others on flickr? And after seeing pictures again and again I could not resist anymore. I had to have a 50mm 1.8, a nifty fifty, the best portrait lens made by mankind. It was cheap and it was so beautiful. It made bokeh like the God’s had blessed it as his own personal lens. I had to had to had to (yes just had to) get it. So right in the next month, I saved up my salary and ran down to the canon store to get my Canon 50mm 1.8 MKII.

Now I didn’t need anything else, my life is complete.

How can I not have a film camera

Canon Film at work

I’ve always loved film. Even before I bought my DSLR, I had borrowed film cameras from my friends, from my dad’s friends for just a few hours to shoot. Ilford and Trix had been etched in my skin, black and white film grain, was romantic beyond belief. Looking at film pictures was like peeking into paradise, the numbers on the side of the frames were speaking to me in my dreams, 36 steps to a orgasm. So was it wrong to pick up a used Canon Rebel Xs? It was cheap, it was reliable and it would be able to use all my canon lenses.

Now I really didn’t need anything, now I could shoot film, I could shoot digital. No more cameras, I have enough.

The Yashica’s Seduction

Shiny Man

What is one man to do when he finds a shiny mint Yashica Electro 35 for only 30$? I am only human isn’t it? I had just gone to the shop to get something for a friend and I saw it there. Shining, perfect glass, beautiful body, 100% metal. A little heavy but so clean, sharp. It was calling out to me and it was just for 30$! I resisted but the strap got caught in my bag and I had to get it. As such I didn’t have a rangefinder, it would be useful.

A rangefinder, a digital slr, a film slr. Now what could anyone want more?

An American Friend

The Diary Keeper

Astrid, my dear friend was coming from Seattle. And she asked me what I wanted. The only way to get my hands on a Holga was from the US of A. So I ordered one. It wasn’t to be missed, this golden chance. It was black and I chose the one which could work with 35mm film.

A toy camera, a rangefinder, a digital slr, a film slr, I am a settled man.



The Black Swan

One of my dear friends, Pallavi asked me about film cameras. She wanted to buy one, a inexpensive one which she could carry around. So I took her to the shop I usually buy cameras from. And there it was, black, lustrous, sharp, almost staring down my soul. A black Yashica Electro 35. I already had a electro but this seemed totally different. I could imagine so many places I would take it, I had to buy it. In the end my friend who wanted a camera came out empty handed and I came out with a black new body.

What the hell! I have 6 cameras! Did you know I never told my ma that I got another electro =) But no more, no more cameras.

In Two Minds


Soft Hands

Anushree, a friend photographer from Bombay asked me to get her a vintage camera. So I found her a Yashica D, a TLR. Its not a rollieflex but its still quite reliable and sturdy. And the lens, well I had never used a medium format camera before and after the yashica, I would almost never go back to 35 unless really needed. I actually bought the camera for her but never ended up giving it to her, it still is with me, shooting provia =)

A new TLR was needed, its not like I had any other mf camera. So now 7 cameras.

Thinking Big

Portfolio with the 5D

I was having issues with the 1000D at high iso’s. Above 400 it couldn’t really produce a crisp print, there was just too much noise. So I decided to upgrade my camera kit with a Canon 5dMKII. 21 megapixels but most importantly, full frame, it was exactly what I needed.

8 Cameras and I swore to not buy any more, NO MORE.

Love Crosses Paths

Do you remember the time when you saw her and you forgot anything and everything. I’ve had the same effect with the Hasselblad. Its been forever in my mind but I could never really afford it. Then searching for it one night on a second hand online shop, there it was, within my reach. I ordered it but had to wait for 2 months for it to come to me. And when it did, I can’t explain in words how I felt. Its pure ecstasy.

Moral Of the Story :

Later on I ended up working for Lomography India so now I have a LC-A and a Diana too. What I’ve found out is that you can’t help buying cameras, its because everyone of them serves a totally different purpose (or at least I say this to justify all this to myself).

How many cameras do you have?

12 thoughts on “Multiple Cameras : Blessing Or Curse

  1. way to go akshay – you’re so camera rich! how many i own – three i think – the rest are borrowed, permanently! πŸ™‚

  2. I am feeling the same things as you have written over there!Right now i have a canon 1000D,a 50 mm 1.8 markII, and recently i bought a used Nikon FM2 with 50mm 1.4!(my first film camera)!
    Waiting for the results, but i think i m getting hitched by this and i totally agree that every camera has a certain purpose πŸ˜‰
    Happy Clicking,

    1. Tanay! I am glad you agree, but then I don’t buy a camera thinking about its utility. Like I have 2 electro’s, no use of having 2 but then they are there. Sometimes there is a emotional connect, something I’ve never felt otherwise..

  3. Akshay sahab,i think it is more relevant in the case of film camera. there are different film cameras for a different jobs, diff cameras from different eras, diff cameras from diff countries. Many cameras have a marked importance like the Leicas, ROlleis and the Blads

    1. Yes sir, so true. Thats why I am not inclined to buy more film cameras but even after swearing on the holy almighty that I would never buy anything else, if I find the right camera, I think I would be tempted..

      How many cameras do you have?

    1. Dear Krunal,

      I have a 1000D and trust me its a magnificent camera, I was really sad when i broke my 50mm MKII recently in Bombay, and then I decided to just upgrade the whole kit because of commercial purposes.

      Don’t envy man, just keep shooting, its not the camera which makes the shot, its the photographer..

      Thanks for reading =)

  4. oh my goodness. that’s a lot of cameras. but you shoot fantastically, and that’s what matters. i have two. a film slr (nikon f80) and a dslr (nikon D3000). i plan on buying my ‘nifty-fifty’ soon and my life does feel complete, but like you just illustrated, i can never really know xD

    1. One can never know, that is the moral of the story.. And 50mm is a great lens, I love it. Did you know that Henri Cartier-Bresson only used one lense for all his work, the 50mm..

  5. haha Now I know why you were trying to convince me that a Rangefinder isn’t needed. But actually its for Prashin cause he doesn’t but wants a film camera -a rangefinder ! It’s a birthday suprise so shh.. πŸ™‚

  6. I have been recently infectedby this SYNDROME. I already had Sony H50 which is a prosumer digital camera,then wanted to enter into the film world so started my search for 35 mm film cam….and wat a beautiful ACCIDENT one of my friend had a Yashica 124 G Mat in full working condition nd dat too fr free…… (yes…..for Free), then i wanted a 35 mm camera, and finlly my search ended with an almost new vivitar v3800n, then i wanted a rangefinder so here is how i come to my latest aquisition…..The Canon Canonet Electric Eye…..and fr you peoples information all this took place over the period of only 3 mnths…so at the end of 3 mnths i have 3 cameras..and the honorable mention……my first pinhole camera is about to get finished (already planning on the next one), after that m planning to dive into zone plates, as some research needs to done….so lets c where this search ends…..

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