Scanning Blues

Scan with a Canon 1000D on a glass plate
Scan with a Canon 1000D on a glass plate

I think too many people face the same problem so I thought I should talk about it. Scanning film is a pain, its slow and its expensive, at least if you get it done from a nearby lab. And getting your own scanner is not always a option.

Now once a wise old photographer told me that photography is a lot about DIY processes. And so here we have “Make your own film scanner ideas!” (oh yeah!).  Now there are lots of resources online, like this amazing one I found on feelingnegative. Other than the ones which are posted here, I use the simplest one which really doesn’t need any cutting and making holes and putting flashes etc (yes I am the lazy one).

  1. Take 2 sheets of glass, just as big as a A2 sheet.
  2. Hold the negative (120 or 135) in between the sheets (use a simple clamper set used to hold bundles of paper, also put on the sides a little paper so that the clamps don’t scratch the glass) of glass and hold it against a white backlit screen (usually your computer screen set at 100% brightness and contrast).
  3. Hold it at least 2″ away from the screen (you can either set a eraser on the top to support or anything else) so that you can’t see the pixels of the screen in your negative.
  4. Take your kit lens (or better if you have a macro lens) and shoot the negative with your digital camera.
  5. Bring the shot in ps, invert and you’re good to go. For color negs you might have to create a orange exclusion layer.

The results are pretty good but you might not be able to get publishing quality results. But you would be able to post them online and even print them at 6″ x 6″ size (or 4″ x 6″ for 35mm)



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