Following Film

Now Constellation Cafe has always followed artists and film and now its going to be even better. Too many reasons, but some of them are below :

Lomography Hits India

Lomography, the amazing film cult brand is now in India. That means now you’ll be able to get all sorts of fun cameras in India, buy loads of exotic films from slides to high speed color negatives and all in all your life will be much more fun (they have poloroid cameras + film too!)

That means I’ll keep you updated about all the happenings here, reviews on their camera, links, workshops and projects etc. And for now, just visit Lomography India and make a wishlist or just visit their facebook page!

Find A Photolab

Now the most asked question to me is from where do I get my films developed. And well, most people stay away from film because that is their main concern. So just to make your analog life simpler, check these two links out :

1. Photo MFA : A international website which is really helpful to those hunting for contests and mainly places to develop films. Its basically like a yellow pages for labs.

2. Film India On Flickr : You’re in India and you have film, then this is the group you need to be talking to. Almost 70% of the people involved in this group are professional photographers and they know where to get what. So they have a list of all the labs, locations, phone numbers and if you’re nice enough, you’ll get any sort of information out here.



3 thoughts on “Following Film

    1. I was recently in HK and shot 2 rolls there. But then I don’t have a scanner and would need to wait before I can post pictures on my Lomo Home & Flickr..

      Are you on flickr?

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