The Film Pharmacist : Kodak Gold 100

Catalog Number : 007
Reviewed By : Meghana Kulkarni
Film Name : Kodak Gold 100
Format : 120 / 135 / Instant : 135
Speed (ISO) : 100
Color / Slide / BW : Color
Processing (C41 / E6 / BW) : C41
Color Exaggeration (R/G/B) : Slight Yellow Shift
Availability (In Production / Back Stock / Discontinued) : In production
Contrast : Medium
Uniformity (High, Mid, Low) : Medium
Personal Comments : Best film for general use, and for those starting out. Its easily available anywhere. No matter what the time of the day or light condition might be, this film works well. Has good contrasts, the colors are muted in low light conditions, but it has quite a decent dynamic range.

Used with toy cameras or really old fixed shutter speed cameras, this film gives those perfect colors like in a Technicolor 50s film. For an ISO100 film, it has low grain and the results are quite sharp too. Cheap, low risk film.

Samples :


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