Saturday Night Conversations : Sasha Nikitin

Tommy Oshima called his work one of the greatest discovery online and it shows why. His work shows a undercurrent of sensuality fused with softness and color like no other.

When you start looking at his pictures, you can’t really stop until they are all over. No one can say if its because of the way he captures the souls of women he photographs or is it because his work seems to be rendered in another world, blurred and dreamy.

So tonight I am happy to present to you, the master craftsman, Sasha Nikitin.

Q. Sasha, tell us a little about yourself.
A. I was born in Moscow Region, and lived in several parts of Soviet Union (Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Russia). My parents were engineers designing laser weapons in late 80s – 90s. The laser gun was a huge building with a mirror concentrator and a power plant that could fire up a small plane or a tent filled with gas on a distance of more than 1km. I remember it as a kid.

Q. How did you start with photography?
A. I have a beautiful girlfriend and I decided I should take some pictures of her. So I bought a digital Pentax K100D. And I guess it wasn’t much of the shots but of the girl.

Q. What is your philosophy about photography? What does it mean to you?
A. I like a photo to have some mystery, latent tension, and/or sexiness.

Q. You mostly shoot with female models, why? What inspires you in them? Do you see them as muses?
A. The objects should radiate sex. The younger the better.

Q. Any projects you’re working on right now? Any future plans?
A. I’m planning a trip to Tokyo and want to shoot tons of film rolls there.

Q. You have a 100% film kit which you work with. Why film?
A. I shot mostly with Pentax K2 but it died, now I’m with Pentax ME Super and Yashica Electro 35. For me shooting on film is easier. When I shoot digital I don’t see anything in my photos. With the film they have a look by themselves, so I may not have a special talent.

Q. Any tips for amateur photographers out there?
A. Grab an automatic film camera with wide aperture lens and shoot girls and/or streets by night.

Thank you Sasha for speaking to Constellation Cafe. If you like his work then do visit his Flickr Portfolio or just follow his Blog.

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