Saturday Night Conversations : Gintare Dainelyte

Subconsciously I’ve always been attracted to intimacy in pictures. The individuality of expression sometimes is so profound, that it creates its own field of gravity around itself to draw your attention to it. And who better to talk about intimacy than with Gintare AKA Zzitali.

Her pictures are a crystalline moment of emotion caught in time and space. And we spoke to her about her discovery of photography and her exploration of the art within.

Q. How long have you been taking pictures? How did you start in photography?

A. It’s gonna be 2 years in December. My baby boy was born in October 31th. Since no one could take a picture of him and us together (I’m single mom) I borrowed my fathers digital camera, Nikon D80.

So that is how I started, from basics, how to turn it on and etc. I used our local photography forums and Google for information. Fortunately I had enough time to learn along with raising my son. I never thought I would fall in love with pictures. But I guess it’s true what people say, that every child brings a gift with him, so this was my sons gift to me.

Q. Do you shoot professionally or is it just a personal endeavor?

How do we define “Professionally”? Do I shoot for money? Now I do, yes. I started a few months ago. There is a quotation I love by Philippe Halsma,

“I drifted into photography like one drifts into prostitution. First I did it to please myself, then I did it to please my friends, and eventually I did it for the money”

The same happened to me (smiles).

Q. There is an abundance of sensuality and expression in your captures. Do you feel that this in some way also show who you are?

A. My portraits are more about me than they are about the people I photograph” – Richard Avedon. I agree with him. All photographs are like self portraits for me.

Q. Can you share a piece of work that is your personal favourite with us and explain the cause for that intimacy?

I am never satisfied with my work. After every photo shoot i feel sad that i can’t express myself better then I just did. So I don’t have a favourite picture. There are few that I do like better, but still…

It is always not THAT picture that I wanted to shoot. That is why I just can’t stop taking picutres. I am still looking for myself and my exploration continues.


Q. What are your sources of inspiration?

A. From love. I know it sounds very banal, but it is true.

Q. Today when most people have switched to digital, why do you shoot film?

A. I was tired of ‘painting’ my pictures in photoshop, waisting my time. Instead of making pictures I was just sitting at home and spending hours and hours drawing them from zero. I didn’t like it. And the result was a unreal artificial clean picture. I love everything about film. You play with your pictures during shooting, with light, exposure, film you use, how you develop, you can change the result, but not infront of computer screen like with digital. And it is always a surprise what you will get, that waiting for your film, when will be developed, that excitement and anxiousness.

And colours! Digital white is not the same as film white, overexposure looks different in film, better of course and many other things. I love it and recommend it to everyone. Try it. You will understand what i mean.

Q. Any tips for rookie/amateur photographers?

A. None. They should just go out and photograph and stop talking about it. That’s the only way they are going to find themselves. They can’t do it in their heads – they have to go out and do it in the camera and get it on film. – Berenice Abbott – when asked is she had any gems of wisdom for the photographer today. Professional photographer’s survival guide by Charles E. Rotkin.


Thank you Gintare work is showcased in her photo stream, on flickr.



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