Into The Night (12.2009) TriX

Picture By zgodzinski
Picture By zgodzinski

There is no question that now days more people prefer digital over film. And as more and more run towards getting the latest DSLR, I on the other hand wish to have a Mamiya or a Hasselblad, one which runs beautiful rolls of 120mm or a Leica with a f1.0 50mm to blow my mind away.

Film is like the girl who twists and turns in your hands, teasing you with mystery. Every time the shutter clicks, it moans, breathes in deep until you push again, winding. Never showing whats on its mind, ticking, making you restless, 36, 35, 34….

So what does film whisper to you?
The Grain In Your Head


2 thoughts on “Into The Night (12.2009) TriX

  1. You make it sound like an orgasm…

    It is great feeling – every time I click my film camera. It is sort of unexplainable, but its something digital will never ever give you

    1. He, well yes, it is quite a orgasmic feeling.

      Film, has a character of its own. When you take a picture, its not just what you saw but also what the film saw, how it produces the final image. That digital can never give, it just spits out sharp edgy junk.

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