Jaipur Literature Festival – Books, conversations and photographs

If only textbooks were so much fun.

The Jaipur Literature Festival concluded yesterday, leaving such a strong impression that I could not go on without writing about it. Usually on Constellation Cafe I talk about photography but I feel that all forms of art are inter-related and thus all artists can relate to one form as intimately as they relate to another.

At the festival I had the chance to listen to Photographer Dayanita Singh, as she spoke about the medium of photography being limited and the need to produce something new through the ways of literature. As she discussed her new book, she tried to explain that we need to recognize that photography has become a universal language and the impact of a singular image has been lost.

We need to ask ourselves, in this world over populated with photographs, more being created every day like plastic dolls on a industrial assembly line, where are we heading with all this? Where photographs are like notes, what is the value of scribbles if they mean nothing and evolve to form no larger form.

I did make a audio log of the whole seminar but unfortunately my phone is not the “ideal” recorder but I’d try to retrieve the file, maybe boost the audio and post it here for you all to hear.

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